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HORRIBLE SERVICE !! Placed my order at 8:51am cdt (6:51pdt) and was promised same day delivery.

6 HOURS LATER at 3:06pm, Sarah calls me from your company and tells me that this order will not be delivered until NEXT WEEK !!! What a scam !! 6 HOURS LATER YOU DECIDE TO CALL ME ????? It does not take 6 hours to figure out that (for whatever reason) your company can not deliver on your promise!

A 5th grader with a cell phone and Google access could have done this better and faster! Had you called me sooner and told me about your inability to honor your same day promise, I could have selected another company or called the damm flower shops myself to have something delivered ON TIME today....but instead you guys waited 6 HOURS TO EVEN PICK UP A PHONE A CALL ME !! Your complete lack of concern or compassion for your customers has been noted.

I just can't wait to start searching all the on line floral review sites to tell others about my experience with


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I wanted to send flowers to my daughter when she had experienced a death in the family and was greatly upset. I ordered on 4June for delivery to the door as no one would be at home.

Message:could not deliver no one home came at the end of the day on 5June. Changed delivery location by phone to 1-800-786-1178. I made 5 calls :delivery incorrect.

confirmation 34790. :( :cry :cry :( :p :upset :?

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